21 June 2010

Midnight drinks

Supper is my favourite time in my eating time table. 
Because i can eat and drink all my super cool snacks without sharing with anyone.
While watching my all time favourite comedy series The Nanny. I love you Fran Fine. :)
I really love food experiment because i hate eating the same thing over and over again.
I'll try to change the food into something different.
Like an example below : 

This is my Cocoa Banana Tabur.
I just blend together the chocolate powder with fresh milk and 1 slice banana and add some sugar.
Then i put a lot of ice cubes.
I serve this drink with 1 tablespoon of Milo on top of it. And also a big chunky banana and some sprinkles.

This one i would love to call Sunny Sunrise Lime.
I blend 2 oranges with a bit of orange juice and some sugar.
I put a lot of ice cubes too.
I serve this with a lot of chunky oranges on top of it.

Okay,this is Bandung Blended,
At first i was just making a normal bandung for myself.
Bandung is just a simple recipe that you can make it by yourself.
Just put in glass 1 tablespoon of syrup. Then put sweetened creamer and also some water.
But i think it will be more cooler drink if you blend it with ice cubes.
And the taste is sooo good.


The last drink in my list is Watemelon Blended.
Just cut the watermelon into small pieces.
The blend it with ice cubes and some water. And maybe a bit of sugar.
It is the perfect drink for summer time.

Well, i just use any food at home to make it more interesting.
You can try at home people. 
Just follow your instinct. haha