21 March 2012

Cream & Fudge Factory

Hey guys!

Okay lets do the straight forward talking.
I'm gonna talk about this good looking sexy ice cream which is


The yummiest ice cream that i've ever taste.
So lets go!

The mix-ins that you can choose. Oh my the choices. Hard decision 

So this is the price for ice cream. Not bad huh?
The price is only for the ice cream. Not included with the mix-ins, topping and base.

They offer you all kind of flavours. You name it!
Plus, the colour will make you go wild. Seriously

The four set of marble creations. Maybe some of you feel so hard to make the decision between ice cream flavour, the mix-ins, the topping and the base. So, you can just choose the creations that they already created. 

I wish i could mix all together. 
As you can see that the price for the ice cream is different with the picture above because this one include the mix-ins.

So this is the clearer version of the menu.

The creative way how they mix the ice cream with the mix-ins.
The table actually is a freezer. Outdoor freezer.
So that they can keep the ice cream stay at their shape while they do the mixing.

All the mix-ins that you can choose.

The topping and the base.

So this is all the creations that they offered to you. 
Just to make your brain in relaxing mode.
No hard decision to make.
Okay, maybe a bit hard to choose between the creations. Because they have tons of creations. Huh

So this is the combination between Mango, Raspberry and Vanilla ice cream.
The mix-ins is Malteser, Ferrero Rocher and i cant remember another one.
If you buy 3 scoops of ice cream, you can get 3 free mix-ins. But you can add more if you want.
One mix-ins is RM1.50

This one is Mint, Caramel and Vanilla ice cream. The mix-ins Malteser, Ferrero Rocher and Snickers.

The happy tummy.

So this is the Facebook link for Cream & Fudge Factory.

Like their Facebook page so you can update with their monthly promotion.

They only have 3 outlets in Malaysia:

1. Alamanda Shopping Mall
2. Suria KLCC
3. Fahrenheit 88