05 February 2012

Sourberry yum yum

So im gonna talk about this new frozen yogurt branch which is look exactly like Tutti Frutti but wayyyyy better.

Wanna know why?

When you go to Tutti Frutti, of course you will be doing the three steps which is swirl it, top it and weigh it. Then the most hated part which is the last part where you must be soo nervous to know the price then.... (drumrolls) you will DAMN! How come it must be over RM 10 for a frozen yogurt?!! Cant it just be RM 6?

Ever be in that situation? Then this will solve your problem.....

Because Sourberry offered the cheapest price ever! Thats why you should lololove it! Only RM 4.80 for 100gm.

And they have the same taste as Tutti Frutti. They also have the same toppings as other frozen yogurt branches. Lots of fresh fruits and all types of other toppings like chocolate chips, cornflakes, gummy bears, marsmallow and moreeee.

Plus they have an offer if you buy from 1pm until 5pm, then you can get 15% off! How cool is that? They already offered a cheap price plus a discount.

But the sad thing is, they only have 2 branches right now at KL Festival City Mall (Danau Kota) and Viva Mall KL.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab Sourberry now!

p/s: the pictures were all messed up because i wrote this post using my phone and i cant put it properly. Sorry!