29 July 2011

Sno : Shake it your way

Hello everyone.
Hope all of you doing fine.

Okay, gonna talk about this one cool place called Sno
A simple name but cool unique dessert to try.
This is more than just a milkshake.
With a tag line SHAKE IT YOUR WAY, you can really shake it with your very own way.
I will explain how you can shake your dessert with your way.

A very cute booth placed at Pavillion KL Shopping Mall
                                                                          Lot P1.09.02 Level 1 (Behind Lavender)


Here you can choose between Sno Shakes and Snoothies.

Here comes the best part of this shop
You can build your own SNO!!!
*clap hands*

Just follow this simple chart on Ipad.
YES! on IPAD yawww.
A very cool way to choose you dessert.

First: Choose your size of cup between regular or kid
2nd : Choose you base between Vanilla Ice Cream, Green Tea Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt
3rd : You can choose your blended flavours. You can choose until maximum 6 flavours only
4th : You choose your own toppings. Maximum 6 toppings only

So now you know how you can shake it your own way.
*shake my booty while choosing a good combination of my dessert*

They will blend your base and your flavours then put your toppings.

The yummy flavourssssssss

A very hard decision to make. 
Just like SPM exam.

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KD said...

pening macam pilih makan kat subway sahaja..hgahah